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Moonboots & Walking Boots

Progait Hinged Post-Op Walking Boot

The Bledsoe ProGait ST Boot is a low-cost, lightweight walker for short term applications. The ProGait ST is designed to enhance mobility for sprains, strains, and some types of fractures. The EZ Set ProGait ST is designed for range of motion from 20 degrees of dorsi-flexion to 40 degrees of plantar-flexion in 10 degree increments.

Common Examples Of Boot Use

  • Ankle sprains and strains
  • Forefoot sprains
  • Stable foot fractures
  • Distal tibial fractures

Brace Features

  • Lightweight, strong, low profile design
  • Range of motion from 20 degrees of dorsi-flexion to 40 degrees of plantar-flexion in 10 degree increments
  • Aluminum boot shell and upright system that unlike plastic boots, can be reformed to fit virtually any leg or ankle shape
  • Ultra-breathable foam wrap for maximum comfort ST2 is equipped with ankle/heel pad
  • Unique rocker design allows patients to closely simulate a near normal gait without abnormal loads on any joints
  • Optional air ankle/heel pad allows for ability to adjust ankle pressure for increased comfort and provides pneumatic ankle support (ST2 only)
  • Available in five universal sizes and two lengths

Brace Sizing Chart

Part # Description
AL032000ProGait, XXS
AL0320XXBBProGait, XS-XL
AL232000ProGait w/ Air, XXS
AL2320XXBBProGait w/ Air, XS-XL
AL0740XXBBProGait w/ EZ Set Hinge, XS-XL
AL2740XXBBProGait w/ EZ Set Hinge w/ Air, XS-XL
AL0520XXBBProGait, Mid-Calf, XS-XL
AL2520XXBBProGait, Mid-Calf w/ Air, XS-XL
AL0750XXBBProGait, Mid-Calf w/ EZ Set Hinge, XS-XL
AL2750XXBBProGait, Mid-Calf w/ EZ Set Hinge, w/ Air, XS-XL
Genesis Wlaking Boot Fitting Chart


Orthomedico Australia is a distributor of orthopaedic products and medical devices Australia wide including Breg and Bledsoe bracing products. These unique braces are designed with patented technology and are backed by extensive clinical research. Bledsoe bracing products provide orthopaedic surgeons, orthotists, podiatrists and physiotherapists with innovative, cost-effective, evidence-based treatments for their patients. Orthomedico also distributes a range of innovative medical devices such as Emcyte Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP).


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