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Ankle Braces

Axiom Ankle Brace

Designed to prevent inversion and eversion, the Bledsoe Axiom Ankle Brace offers staunch protection to an injured ankle.

  • Uses a plastic alloy that prevents inversion and eversion, yet flexes with natural movement.
  • Separate upper shells allow the material to naturally form to any ankle.
  • On and off is easy with innovative Bledsoe over-center buckles.
  • Eliminates irritating pressure on the Achilles tendon, using a simple cut-out.
  • Center pivot point on the malleolus eliminates pressure and supports natural anatomical movement.
  • The unique footplate material is heat formable at lower temperatures.

Ankle Brace Selection Information

Brace Size Men's Women's Euro Left Right
S up to 7 1/2"

up to 9"

up to 40 AS020103 AS020203
M 8" - 11 1/2" 9 1/2" - 13" 40.5 - 44.5 AS020105 AS020205
L 12"+ 13 1/2"+ 45+ AS020107 AS020207
Note: If your shoe size is close to the border between ankle brace sizes, choose the smaller size if your foot is narrow, and choose the larger size if your foot is wide or your ankles are wide or prominent.


Orthomedico Australia is a distributor of orthopaedic products and medical devices Australia wide including Breg and Bledsoe bracing products. Orthomedico also distributes a range of innovative medical devices such as Emcyte Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP).


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