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Telescoping ROM Elbow Brace

Axiom Elite Dynamic ACL Knee Brace

Telescoping Elbow Brace

The Bledsoe Telescoping Elbow Brace is designed to handle post-op elbow arthroscopy, severe elbow strains and ligament trauma. The Bledsoe Telescoping Elbow Brace should be used when limited R.O.M. or locked control of the elbow is desired. In most cases, the Bledsoe Telescoping Elbow Brace can be formed, fitted and adjusted in 5 minutes or less.

*Citation: James Roberts, MD, Merck. 5.15.12 http://www.merckmanuals.com/home/injuries_and_poisoning/fractures/overview_of_fractures.html

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Common Examples Of Brace Use

  • Non surgical or post-op elbow procedures
  • Stable fractures of distal humerus
  • Stable fractures of proximal to middle radius or ulna
  • Tendon and ligament repairs
  • Controlled immobilization for sprains and strains

Brace Features

  • Malleable cuffs capture soft tissue and maintain hinge alignment
  • Push-button telescoping uprights for perfect fit
  • Drop Lock Mechanism for quick immobilization in any position from-10° to 110° in 10° increments
  • Locks the elbow in any position
  • Optional shoulder strap included
  • Optional supination/pronation hand attachment
  • Optional neutral hand position hand attachment

Brace Order / Part Number

Part # Description
AE023100 Telescoping Elbow, Left Universal
AE023200 Telescoping Elbow, Right Universal
AE026180 Neutral Hand Position Attachment, Left
AE026280 Neutral Hand Position Attachment, Right
AE012123B – – Supinate / Pronate Hand Attachment, Left
AE012223B – – Supinate / Pronate Hand Attachment, Right