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Women's Ligament Protection Knee Brace

Axiom Elite Dynamic ACL Knee Brace

Fusion Womens Ligament Protection Knee Brace

Fusion Women’s provides excellent protection for the ACL, PCL and collateral ligaments. By combining a precise fit, unmatched comfort, and a sleek design that looks great, Fusion Women’s is the ultimate brace for active women. Available in custom and prefabricated versions. Medial length always 12.5” - accomodates shorter inseams.

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Common Examples Of Brace Use

  • ACL
  • PCL
  • Collateral ligament protection

Brace Features

  • AirTech™ Frame pads – innovative windows and channels in the pad permit cooling air flow while allowing moisture and heat to move away from the skin
  • Pivot Point Strap tabs – pivoting strap tabs allow straps to contour to the leg for superior fit, comfort and suspension

Brace Order / Part Number

Part # Description
01203Fusion Women's Custom, Argento White (see image) Available in Custom only
01214Fusion Women's Custom, color / pattern
01201Fusion Women's Custom
009XXFusion Women's Prefabricated, Left
011XXFusion Women's Prefabricated, Right
980XXRefurbish Kit (Thigh), Left*
981XXRefurbish Kit (Thigh), Right*
982XXRefurbish Kit (Calf), Left*
983XXRefurbish Kit (Calf), Right*
00522Condyle pad (set of 2)

* Kit contains frame pads, straps and instructions

Brace Sizing Chart

z-12 adjustable OA Brace Sizing Chart