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Soft Knee Brace

20 50 Patellofemoral Knee Brace

Crossover Soft Hinged Knee Brace

Our Crossover brace features three designs to accommodate a wide variety of patients. Our classic pull-on design offers the most uniform fit. The front closure wraparound design allows for ease of application without removing shoes and is ideal for patients with limited flexibility and reach. The hybrid Crossover FT features a pull-on calf and front closure thigh, allowing for an adjustable fit for patients with atypical legs.


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Common Examples Of Brace Use

  • Mild and moderate ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL sprains
  • Meniscal instabilities
  • Patellar instabilities
  • Mild osteoarthritis

Brace Features

  • Removable and adjustable patellar buttress can be positioned and trimmed for multiple applications
  • Pull tabs ease application
  • Mesh popliteal for patient comfort

Brace Order / Part Number

Part # Description
-Crossover Pull-On
AG010561STD, TriTech, Custom
AG010558STD, 3D NEO, Custom
AG010567Short, TriTech, Custom
AG010564Short, 3D NEO, Custom
RK4250XXSTD, TriTech, XS-XXL
RK4150XXShort, TriTech, XS-XXL
RK3150XXShort, 3D NEO, XS-XXL
-Crossover Front Thigh
AG010563STD, TriTech, Custom
AG010560STD, 3D Neoprene, Custom
AG010569Short, TriTech, Custom
AG010566Short, 3D Neoprene, Custom
RK4230XXSTD, TriTech, XS-XXL
RK3230XXSTD, 3D Neoprene, XS-XXL
RK4130XXShort, TriTech, XS-XXL
RK3130XXShort, 3D Neoprene, XS-XXL
-Crossover Front Closure
AG010562STD, TriTech, Custom
AG010559STD, 3D Neoprene, Custom
AG010568Short, TriTech, Custom
AG010565Short, 3D Neoprene, Custom
AG010571STD, ROM, TriTech, Custom
AG010570STD, ROM, 3D Neoprene, Custom
RK4240XXSTD, TriTech, XS-XXL
RK3240XXSTD, 3D Neoprene, XS-XXL
RK0663XXSport Hinges w/ Straps, XS-XXL
RK4140XXShort, TriTech, XS-XXL
RK3140XXShort, 3D Neoprene, XS-XXL
RK3200XXStandard, ROM, 3D NEO, XS-XXL

Brace Sizing Chart

Breg Roadrunner Sizing Chart


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