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Soft Knee Brace

20 50 Patellofemoral Knee Brace

Lateral Stabiliser with Hinge Soft Knee Brace

The Lateral Stabilizer with Hinge offers a strong tubular, lateral buttress that is ideal for lateral stabilization of the patella and is effective in addressing a number of patellofemoral conditions. The ultra low profile hinge helps address valgus movement.


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Common Examples Of Brace Use

  • Lateral patella subluxation
  • Chronic patellar maltracking
  • Mild chondromalacia

Brace Features

  • Available in Airmesh® and neoprene
  • Low profile design allows for improved patient compliance
  • J-shaped buttress provides lateral patellar stabilization
  • Inferior and superior straps provide additional compression

Brace Order / Part Number

Part # Description
2012XLateral Stabilizer with Hinge, Airmesh Left*
2014XLateral Stabilizer with Hinge, Airmesh Right*
2015XLateral Stabilizer with Hinge, Neoprene Left*
2017XLateral Stabilizer with Hinge, Neoprene Right*

* Hinges are narrower on XS and S

Brace Sizing Chart

z-12 adjustable OA Brace Sizing Chart


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