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Bledsoe Thruster RLF Unloading Knee Brace

Fusion  Plus Knee Brace

Bledsoe Thruster RLF Unloading Knee Brace

This single-upright unloading brace provides the greatest amount of unloading correction on the market and in a studies has been found to be the only brace that provides effective joint unloading throughout the entire walking gait cycle*. The unique design of the hinge allows for 36° of brace angulation. This allows the brace to unload knee joints that have excessive tissue. It can be made to unload the medial or lateral compartment of the knee.

*Komistek, Richard D. Ph.D., Director, Center for Musculoskeletal Research, Nadaud, Matthew C. MD; Dennis, Douglas, A. MD; Anderle, Matthew R.; Kubo, Matthew B. “In Vivo Three Dimensional Determination of OA Brace Effectiveness: A Multiple Brace Analysis.” American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, February 2005.



Indications For Brace Use

  • Medial or Lateral Unicompartmental Unloading

“Always read the label, use only as directed and if symptoms persist see your doctor/healthcare professional."


Brace Features

  • ProForm Hinge is on involved side of knee, pulling vs. pushing to relieve joint pain
  • Up to 36° degrees of correction
  • Recommended for patients with redundant soft tissue
  • Unloads in a 4-point load system provides a contoured fit and protection

Brace Order / Part Number

Part # Description
AG061012 Thruster RLF, Custom Medial
AG061014 Thruster RLF, Custom Lateral
TA008YXX–B Thruster RLF, Lateral, XS-3XL
TA009YXX–B Thruster RLF, Medial, XS-3XL
TA018YXX–B Thruster RLF, Lateral Short, XS-3XL
A019YXX–B Thruster RLF, Medial Short, XS-3XL
TA028YXX–B Thruster RLF, Lateral Athletic, XS-3XL
TA029YXX–B Thruster RLF, Medial Athletic, XS-3XL
TK074075 AFO Kit

XX = See size chart above

Y: Left (1), Right (2)

Brace Sizing Chart

Fusion XT  Brace Sizing Chart


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