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Moonboots & Walking Boots

J-Walker Plus & J-Walker Boots

The J Walker is an economical boot with all the basic features.

The J Walker Plus includes a pneumatic quick-pump liner for enhanced patient comfort. Both boots are made of strong, durable aluminum shell with a foam innersole that cushions the foot. A full bootie encloses the foot and pivoting forefoot straps for increased comfort.

Common Examples Of Boot Use

  • Ankle sprains and strains
  • Forefoot sprains
  • Stable foot fractures
  • Distal tibial fractures

Brace Features

  • Pneumatic quick-pump liner encompasses the forefoot, ankle, and leg for complete immobilization and increased patient comfort
  • Push-button release eases patient doffing
  • Bulb placement prevents self-inflation, common with competitor models
  • Liner can be trimmed if needed

Brace Sizing Chart

Part # Description
BL51000XJ Walker Plus, XS-XL
BL51001XJ Walker Plus, Wide, XS-XL
BL51100XJ Walker Plus, Mid-Calf, XS-XL
BL51101XJ Walker Plus, Mid-Calf, Wide, XS-XL
BL52000XJ Walker Plus, w/ Flatform, XS-XL
BL52100XJ Walker Plus, Mid-Calf, w/ Flatform, XS-XL
BL01000XJ Walker, XS-XL
BL21000XJ Walker, w/ Air, XS-XL
BL01100XJ Walker, Mid-Calf, XS-XL
BL21100XJ Walker, Mid-Calf w/ Air, XS-XL
BL01001XJ Walker, Wide, XS-XL
BL21001XJ Walker, Wide w/ Air, XS-XL
BL01101XJ Walker, Wide Mid-Calf, XS-XL
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